Our mission

RBL's constant mission is to provide a level of service that meets client expectations, ensures the significant standard of quality, and empowers the employee to grow and flourish. The company aspires to establish trust in any involved stakeholders by responsibly handling all elements of each and every project, whether its large or small.

About Company

Rana Builders (Pvt) Ltd. intends to sustainably provide the infrastructure that is essential to the growth of this nation. As the leading provider of construction services, building projects, and residential developments, we are dedicated to serving communities and establishing enduring legacies through our work.

Technical excellence, utilizing the most recent building techniques, innovations, and technology, is at the core of how we deliver projects, ensuring that we give our clients the best value possible.

A resilient environment, a resilient community, and a resilient economy are the three key components that the methodology aims to maintain. It also emphasizes significant factors including sustainability in both society and the environment.

Rana Builders Ltd. is committed to discovering, retaining, and developing skills and has dedicated, diverse workers who reflect the communities we serve.

Our Vision

Rana Builders (Pvt.) Ltd. intends to deliver sustainable infrastructure for the country's growth, including as roads, highways, bridges, culvert and building construction projects. As a leading construction company, RBL focuses on constructing a resilient environment by incorporating sustainability and using different building techniques, innovations, and digital technology. The methodology aims to establish enduring legacies through work, ensuring a resilient economy and a resilient society.

Message from Managing Director

First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to Almighty Allah for allowing me to carry on running this construction company with respect. With an expanded network and successful projects, I managed to sustain this company after 38 years of consistent growth. It aims to continually increase efficiency and improve operations by using modern machinery and specialized equipment. With the addition of the directors, our company intends to grow in the road and highway sector as well as the building sector by utilizing the creativity and innovation of the young and motivated workforce. As a leading company in the construction and development industries, RBL intends to continually perform a key position, insha'Allah.
Our company is committed to implementing project management guidelines for the safety of each individual, environmental sustainability, and quality management systems.

Md Alam

Managing Director
Rana Builders (Pvt.) Ltd.
YasinBuilders (pvt.) Ltd.

Message from The Chairman

By the blessing of Almighty Allah, we have successfully operated Rana Builders (Pvt.) Ltd. for the last 38 years and expanded into several sectors. While our industry has implemented measures to maintain the environment by becoming more sustainable, what we have achieved collectively is constant growth and success for us. Yet we must alter the way we develop, renovate, operate, and reclaim the built environment. Solid commitments and high objectives will set the standard for our industry. We'll take the lead where additional work has to be performed. Whenever others require support, we will share our knowledge and collaborate with them.
Rana Builders (Pvt) Ltd.have reached a pivotal and inspiring phase in society. As our company expands in both scope and impact, we're embracing our unique strengths to be an influence for positive change and peace.

Malaka Parvin

Rana Builders (Pvt.) Ltd.

Board Members