Our Sister Concerns

Yasin Builders (Pvt.) Ltd.

Yasin Builders (Pvt.) Ltd., known as YBL, is a dynamic and artistic new sister-concern construction firm inspired by an ambition to transform visionary ideas into reality while respecting sustainability. This business addresses each project with a refined touch, combining design expertise with construction skills to create innovative environments that make a lasting impact, whether residential, commercial, or institutional buildings.

Rana International Builders (Pvt.) Ltd.

After a successful construction business as a sole proprietor, M/S Rana International Builders Ltd. expanded their business for growth and diversification. By forming Rana International Builders (Pvt) Ltd., it entered the filling station business. While maintaining the same principles and strategy, the company assured to provide high-quality compressed natural gas and satisfactory service to the customers, along with proper security as well.

Rana Builders (Pvt.) Ltd. CNG & Filling Station

Nestled in the centre of the Dhaka-Cumilla Highway at ShanirAkhra, Demra, Rana Builders (Pvt.) Ltd. CNG& Filling Station is one of the prominent purveyors of premium-quality diesel, octane, and compressed natural gas (CNG). This Filling Station is more than just a place to fill up your tank; it's a trustworthy partner for all sorts of fuelling needs. As a reliable fuelling partner, it caters to daily commuters, long-distance travellers, and commercial fleet operators with great quality and exceptional service.

M/S Rana International Buiders C.N.G & Filling Station

M/S Rana International Builders CNG& Filling Station emphasizes the utilization of clean and renewable energy sources, which reduces the carbon footprints of cars, buses, and trucks and has an impact on climate change and air quality. Located in Shanarpar, Narayangonj, the gas station is easily accessible to all commuters and contributes to a more sustainable future.

M/S Rana Arafat C.N.G Station

M/S Rana Arafat CNG Station is conveniently located in Alakharchar, Comilla, right on the Dhaka-Chittagong Highway. This gas station provides seamless gasoline access, making it simple to refuel vehicles and continue the customer's travel without any additional detours. It supplies a variety of convenience store items in addition to gas. The convenience shop is brimming with items from cool beverages and snacks and travel necessities to meet the demands of customers on the move.