Project Name: lmprovement of latrabari Intersection{lncluding Equria-Babubazar Link Road) to Patchchar-Bhanga Through Mawa Road of Dhaka-Khulna {N-8} Highway to 4 Lane with Separate Lane for Slow Moving Vehicle Project.

Project Location: Dhaka- Mawa and Patchchor-Bhanga

Client: HQ 24 Engineer Construction Bridge, Bangladesh Army

Sponsor: Ministry Ministry of Road Transport and Bridges {MORTAB}

Fund Source: Bangladesh Government

Name of Contractor: JV of Rana Builders {Pvt.) Ltd. and Md. Badrul Iqbal Ltd.

Percentage of work awarded: Rana Builders (Pvt.) Ltd.-70%, Md” Badrul lqbal Ltd.-30%

Completion Date: 30 june 2020

Main Works/Contracts: Nimtoli-Chaltipara-Hasara-Kawatkhali-Umpara Road {4+2Lane} {9m+18rn Wide) Pre-Stressed Concrete Girder Bridges lncluding Road & Embankment/Earth Works


Project Description

Project Name: lmprovement of latrabari Intersection