Apollo ValueTec Plant Provides Business with Competitive Edge

Rana Builders (Pvt.) Ltd. sets itself apart from competitors by meeting tight deadlines and delivering quality mix in the process.

The Dhaka, Bangladesh-based firm specializes in road construction, bridges and building development. When purchasing a new asphalt-mixing plant, Rana wanted a product that could help it keep its promise of providing on-time, quality mix. That’s why it selected the Apollo ValueTec 80 Classic.

“The biggest challenge our business faces today are maintaining quality,” said MD Alam, managing director of Rana Builders. “We provide that quality to our customers. That’s what separates us.”

Quality and timeliness certainly help the company make a profit. Yet the Apollo ValueTec 80 Classic Asphalt-Mixing Plant delivered other profit-building benefits, too.

“We also chose the Valutec Plant because of the cost efficiencies it brought to our business,” Alam said. “It is fuel efficient and required less shipping time, so the plant could be up and running sooner.”

The plant has a capacity of 80 tones per hour. Rana required production of only 70 tones per hour, or 840 tones per day. The capacity helps ensure mix is available when customers need it. There is the element of quality, too. “The mixing is wonderful,” Alam said.

He also praised ValueTec’s reliability, which helps the business meet deadlines and maximize operating efficiencies.

The plant has delivered on its promise of fuel efficiency. “Fuel consumption is much less when compared to other plants,” Alam said.

The as1 Control System is another key benefit. “Operation is very easy, and the system is safe, including burner operation,” he added.

Alam noted that the plant requires less maintenance and praised the exceptional customer support his business received.

Would Alam recommend the plant? “Yes,” he said. “ValueTec helps us meet our needs of quality and timeliness. It’s an effective plant, with low fuel consumption and long life.”